Art This Way Announces Six Additional Tactile Mural Signs in Downtown Fort Wayne

Downtown Fort Wayne and Art This Way are thrilled to announce the addition of six tactile signs at existing mural locations for the visually impaired.


Downtown public artwork continues to become more inclusive to all, with a total of 11 murals outfitted with these 3D-printed models designed to be perceived by touch.


The plaques are hung at an accessible height and include a QR code, allowing the audience to access an audio file of the artist describing their work.


“We hope to continue to make artwork accessible to all—in bold and creative ways,” said Art This Way Manager Alexandra Hall. “Public art is for everyone.”


The following six murals will receive inclusive signage:


· ‘Chromabots’ by Bryan Ballinger, 840 South Calhoun Street

· ‘Hello, Fort Wayne’ by Shawn Dunwoody, 840 South Calhoun Street

· ‘Lion’s Dance’ by JUURI, 128 West Wayne Street

· ‘River Otter’ by Arlin Graff, 919 South Harrison Street

· ‘Pontiac Street’ by Lyndy Bazile, 123 W Main Street

· ‘Big Peony’ by 0uizi, 123 West Columbia Street


The following five murals already have inclusive signage:


· ‘Panda Oops’ by Tammy Davis, 127 West Berry Street

· ‘Breathe’ by Matthew Plett, 113 West Washington Boulevard

· ‘The Blue Birds’ by Bryan Ballinger, 927 South Harrison Street

· ‘Untitled’ by 1010, 918 South Calhoun Street

· ‘Arouse! For You Must Justify Me’ by Tim Parsley and the University of Saint Francis School of Creative Arts students, 128 West Wayne Street


The six additional tactile signs are printed and will be installed later this month.


Funding for this project is provided by Downtown Fort Wayne and Art This Way. The five existing tactile signs were made possible through funding from an AWS Foundation Mighty Money grant.


For more information and images of previous signage, please go to

For all interview questions, please contact Alexandra Hall, Art This Way Manager, at 260-417-5925 or