Clean & Green

Sanitation Efforts

To help slow the spread of COVID-19 and support a healthier shared community, Clean & Green Program technicians continue the sanitizing of commonly touched outdoor surfaces to their ongoing Downtown cleaning and maintenance efforts.

Enhances Appearances of Streets, Sidewalks and Public Spaces

Deliver Clean & Green Ambassador Services to maintain and improve the appearance of sidewalks, curbs, and right-of-way via litter patrols, power washing, and detailed cleaning, e.g., weed and graffiti removal. Public/private partnerships coordinate and leverage sanitation/cleaning services effectively and efficiently. Work closely with property owners and other partners to ensure a clean, healthy, and litter-free environment. Proactively work with City and County on built-environment issues, including sidewalks, planters, bike racks, street trees, grates, etc., and the purchase and installation of litter/recycling receptacles and other streetscape additions.

Improve Safety and the Perception of Safety Downtown

Provide visible street presence throughout the District by delivering Downtown Improvement District Environmental Program Services. Support Fort Wayne Police Department by facilitating a partnership with Downtown residents and other strategically aligned programs. Work with the City of Fort Wayne to assist with social service outreach efforts that help control panhandling, vagrancy, etc. Address issues such as lighting, blighted buildings, etc., through partnerships with the City of Fort Wayne, Allen County, and others. Continue to facilitate the elimination of graffiti within the District.

Encourage Pride in Location and Space

Facilitate partnerships among retails, restaurants, and property owners to enhance and optimize storefront, lighting, and maintenance. Support facade and landscape design through technical assistance grants. Conduct beautification efforts in collaboration with Parks and Recreation, Urban Forestry, and others to increase tree canopy, flower planting, and sidewalk repair. Help improve front-line hospitality through briefing and other information on features and benefits of downtown for visitors and residents.

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