What is a DORA?

A Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) allows patrons 21 years and older to purchase alcoholic beverages from approved alcoholic beverage permittees within the DORA and carry them outside to be consumed within the DORA’s boundaries. Patrons may only purchase alcoholic beverages through establishments licensed through the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission, and the alcoholic beverage must be consumed from a designated DORA cup sold from the participating approved permittee within the DORA boundaries.

Downtown Fort Wayne’s DORA Mission Statement

To enhance community connectivity and vibrant public spaces while fostering responsible enjoyment of outdoor leisure by providing a designated area where individuals can savor their favorite beverages, enriching the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Downtown Fort Wayne’s DORA Vision Statement

To catalyze economic vitality, drive foot traffic to local businesses, create unique experiences for entrepreneurs to thrive in an ever-changing urban landscape, and position our community as a welcoming cultural and vibrant destination—committed to responsible enjoyment and environmental stewardship.

Downtown Fort Wayne DORA Ordinance

Please remember the following critical aspects of the special ordinance pursuant to Fort Wayne City Code Chapter 122:

  • Any open alcoholic beverage containers purchased within the DORA must remain within the DORA.
  • Possessing an open container of alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle may constitute a Class C infraction under IC 9-30-15.
  • The Downtown DORA shall be in effect during all authorized times pursuant to IC §7.1-3-1-14, as amended from time to time by the Indiana General Assembly, and as may be further modified by the Mayor or his or her designee in accordance with Indiana Code. 

Downtown Fort Wayne DORA Boundaries Map

Downtown DORA Signage

  • Signage shall be posted at locations that are conspicuous from the public right-of-way at each pedestrian exit of the DORA.
  • Signs identifying exits to the Downtown DORA will be spaced no further than one block apart.
  • Additional outdoor signs within the Downtown DORA not located at exits to the district shall be placed in areas of high pedestrian activity.
  • Designated Permittees must post in a conspicuous location approved by the City at each entrance a sign prepared by the City stating that they are participating in the Downtown DORA and whether a person may enter the business with an open container of alcohol.    
  • Downtown Fort Wayne DORA signs left to right: Outdoors Within the DORA, located at the entry points of the DORA boundaries; You Are Exiting the DORA, located at the exit points of the DORA boundaries; Participating Location, located on the front door/window of approved alcoholic beverage permittees where DORA beverages may be sold/purchased; Exiting Designated Permittee, located on the inside exiting door of approved alcoholic beverage permittees where DORA beverages may be sold/purchased; DORA Cups Welcome Here, located on the front door/window of businesses where DORA beverages are welcome, but are not sold/purchased.

Downtown DORA Cup Requirements and Photos

The Downtown Fort Wayne DORA-branded, one-time-use, 16-oz. plastic cups are the only approved cups that may be sold to patrons for DORA use and consumption. Designed to bring a dash of adventure to your sips, these cups aren’t just containers; they’re portals to a world of on-the-go enjoyment. While you’re exploring the city, these cups are your trusty companions. So grab your drink, embrace the spirit of exploration, and let DORA cups take you on a taste-filled adventure wherever you roam.

Downtown Fort Wayne DORA x Brightmark Recycling Partnership

Downtown Fort Wayne partnered with Brightmark to recycle the one-time-use DORA plastic cups to work toward more sustainable environmental practices. Brightmark is a circular innovation company with a mission to “Reimagine Waste.” Brightmark’s Circularity Centers™ will receive our plastic type one DORA cups and “create value from waste by generating new products, reducing emissions, and diverting waste from landfills, waterways, and incinerators.” Embracing plastic recycling not only mitigates environmental harm but also fosters a circular economy where materials are reused, reducing our overall ecological footprint.


  • What are the boundaries of the Downtown Fort Wayne DORA?
    • Please refer to the map above.
  • What are the hours that the Downtown Fort Wayne DORA is in effect?
    • According to Indiana state law, the dispensing of alcoholic beverages is permitted from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. Sunday through Saturday, 365 days a year. The hours that approved alcoholic beverage permittees may sell DORA beverages/cups and patrons may purchase DORA beverages/cups depend on the approved vendor’s hours of operations, within the limitations of Indiana state law.
  • Can I walk anywhere with my DORA beverage/cup?
    • No, as outlined on the map, you must remain within the Downtown Fort Wayne DORA boundaries.
  • Can patrons enter or leave my business with alcoholic beverages?
    • An approved alcoholic beverage permittee (i.e., a designated permittee or vendor) may allow patrons to exit their premises back into the DORA boundaries with no more than two (2) open alcoholic beverages.
  • What alcoholic beverages can I purchase with my DORA cup?
    • You may purchase beer, wine, and liquor, subject to the DORA beverage offerings of each approved alcoholic beverage permittee.
  • Can I bring my own alcoholic beverage, pour it into a DORA cup, and walk around in the DORA?
    • No, only beverages purchased from approved alcoholic beverage permittees participating in DORA that were initially sold and poured into the DORA cup are allowed.
  • Can beverages be purchased from an alcoholic beverage permittee outside the DORA boundaries and then brought into the DORA boundaries for consumption?
    • No, a patron may not legally consume an alcoholic beverage purchased outside of the DORA boundaries by an unapproved alcoholic beverage permittee in public areas of the DORA boundaries.
  • Can businesses within the Downtown Fort Wayne DORA boundaries refuse to allow alcoholic beverages onto their property?
    • Yes, businesses located within the Downtown Fort Wayne DORA boundaries may, on a nondiscriminatory basis, refuse to allow patrons to enter their premises or business with an alcoholic beverage.
  • Can approved alcoholic beverage permittees serve on patios without limited separations?
    • For approved alcoholic beverage permittees (i.e., a designated permittee or vendor) patios located in a DORA, it is not required that the patio’s perimeter be enclosed by fencing or other means.
  • Is there any cost or fee to be an approved alcoholic beverage permittee (i.e., a designated permittee or vendor) in the Downtown Fort Wayne DORA?
    • The City of Fort Wayne does not charge at this time, provided that each of the approved alcoholic beverage permittees purchases their own DORA cups through Downtown Fort Wayne, manufactured through and distributed by JH Specialty.
  • How would a new alcoholic beverage permittee apply to be an approved DORA participating location?
    • Alcoholic beverage permittees may apply by filling out the State Form 57288.
  • Who is the City of Fort Wayne Community Development’s primary point of contact for DORA processes, questions, etc.?
    • Andrea Robinson, Economic Development Administrator

Participating Approved Designated Permittees

816 Pint & Slice



Bistro Nota

Burger Bar

Conner’s Kitchen + Bar

Conner’s Rooftop

Copper Spoon



JK O’Donnell’s




Night Train

Papi’s Pizza


teds Snack + Bar

The Sidecar




Note: All State of Indiana and City of Fort Wayne laws regarding underage drinking, public intoxication, impaired driving, and open containers apply to areas both inside and outside of the Downtown Fort Wayne DORA boundaries. Please drink responsibly.