What to Expect From The Landing’s Newest Additions: Dana’s, Night Train, and Blue Bottle

Back in 2020, in the early days of COVID, Columbia Street West announced its permanent closure, leaving folks to wonder what would happen to the city’s historic, beloved bar. In its heyday, Columbia Street (known as C Street to its regulars) was a mainstay for Fort Wayne nightlife. For 34 years, the bar hosted lots of live music, a great deal of dancing, and pool aplenty. For many, it was an institution in their twenties, full of good times and late nights—leaving big shoes to fill for its successors.


Luckily, the team at Be Better Hospitality is up for the challenge! And judging by the success of their other concepts—Penny Drip and Cubeicle Ice & Co—they’ll have no problem living up to the building’s reputation, or fitting in with The Landing’s buzzy food and beverage scene. 


In the process of taking over the old C Street digs, the Be Better crew is turning the building into three new businesses— Dana’s, Night Train, and Blue Bottle—each offering its own unique experience for those looking to imbibe.

To learn more about what to expect from Be Better’s newest concepts, we spoke with Preston Wallace (Hospitality & Public Relations for Be Better Hospitality) and Adam Heller (Culinary Director for Dana’s and Night Train) to get the scoop:


Molly: I can’t tell you how excited I am for the arrival of Dana’s, Night Train, and Blue Bottle. From what I’ve heard, each business is going to fill a void that currently exists in our community. 


For folks who aren’t familiar, can you explain each of the concepts and how they’ll bring something different to the Fort Wayne food and beverage scene? 


Preston: Dana’s, Night Train, and Blue Bottle are Be Better Hospitality’s latest beverage-focused hospitality businesses. Dana’s is a neighborhood tavern serving classic and house-creation cocktails, wines, beers, and fresh takes on French brasserie food.


Night Train is a late-night basement bar focused on quality beverages and delicious bites at an affordable price.


Blue Bottle is a boutique bottle shop with a curated selection of fine spirits, wines, and beers, featuring a large selection of nonalcoholic beverages, bar necessities, and more!


While most food and beverage operators in town are restaurants first, Dana’s and Night Train are bars first and foremost. Our knowledge of cocktails, spirits, wines, and beers is where we excel, alongside uniquely memorable hospitality and service experiences.


Fort Wayne has begged for more late-night options for years. Dana’s (open seven days a week, from 4 pm to midnight) and Night Train (open seven days a week, from 6 pm to 3 am) respond to the increased desire for more to enjoy past 10 pm. As for Blue Bottle, who doesn’t love a retail experience designed by beverage professionals for passionate beverage consumers? 



Molly: Preston, I know that your team was really inspired by the history of the building when you were conceptualizing the brands for Dana’s, Night Train, and Blue Bottle. Can you talk about the history of your space, and how you plan to honor it? 


Preston: Dana’s, named after Dana Columbia, who founded West Columbia Street (now known as The Landing), is located in the old ground-floor bar, formally Columbia Street West, commonly known as C Street. Dana’s is set in a modern yet iconically historic atmosphere, with a grand, white-marbled bar that greets you when you step foot into the space.


Night Train, located underground near the railroad tracks, is not your father’s basement bar, as we like to say. It is unapologetically fun, while still serving quality beverages in a playful atmosphere where guests can let loose. Night Train provides an experience that will have you traveling from one late night into the early morning hours of the next day.


Blue Bottle was a convenience store located on West Columbia Street in the 1800s, where travelers would stop to fill up their whiskey jugs and grab a few items before continuing on their journey. We wanted to provide that same sort of convenience store, but for beverage enthusiasts, with hand-selected, quality products that we enjoy.


Blue Bottle will also serve as a space to educate and engage the community, where we’ll host tastings and help break down barriers for those looking to enjoy fine beverage products but may feel intimidated and don’t know where to start.


Since all three concepts were explicitly designed for this particular building’s spaces, it felt natural to have the brands directly reflect the rich history of Columbia Street and The Landing, paying homage to what was, what is, and what’s to come.



Molly: Adam, as the Culinary Director for Dana’s and Night Train, can you talk about the flavors of each? How are the two menus different—from each other and from other establishments in town?


Adam: Like Preston mentioned, Dana’s food is heavily focused on French-inspired dishes. That menu will showcase a variety of rich flavors, stemming from classic preparations.


Night Train will feature a more familiar spread, full of bar and late night favorites with a few regional delicacies, like Oklahoma sliders and pizza logs.


Something that makes us unique is how late we’re open. It has become tough to find late night spots that offer a full food menu all night.  We’re looking to fill that space.



Molly: If you had to explain the vibe at Dana’s in three words, what would they be?


Preston: Tasteful, historic, iconic!


Adam: Hospitable, welcoming, delicious!



Molly:  If you had to explain the vibe at Night Train in three words, what would they be?


Preston: Enticing, playful, rebellious!


Adam: Fun, nostalgic, delicious!



Molly: Do you have any personal favorite items on the menu? 


Preston: At Dana’s, we have an incredible selection of wines and, in my opinion, our bartenders craft the best cocktails in town (aside from Night Train and Penny Drip). My favorite food items are our baked French feta and our raw oysters. Unabashedly, I could eat raw oysters for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. At Night Train, I enjoy any beverage that’s citrus-forward and refreshing, along with our chop cheese.


Adam: I love the “brick chicken” at Dana’s. The Night Train sliders are pretty great, too. Both are my personal favorites.



Molly: What else do you want people to know about these three businesses or the new space? 


Preston: At Dana’s, Night Train, and Blue Bottle, we envision creating an immersive social haven matched with unforgettable experiences that transcend what people have come to expect from ordinary hospitality.


Our vision is to be the pulsating heart of our community, where individuals come together to celebrate life, forge connections, and indulge in unparalleled experiences. We can’t wait to serve you and write the next chapter of these spaces together.


Check out Dana’s, Night Train, and Blue Bottle at their opening on March 13!


Molly Conner is a Fort Wayne native and freelance writer. Having lived in Downtown Fort Wayne throughout her twenties, she loves watching her stomping grounds grow. With her love of storytelling and community in tow, she’s eager to tell Downtown Fort Wayne’s story piece-by-piece—exploring the people, spaces, and organizations that make it thrive.