Business Spotlight: Elijah’s Restaurant and Bakery

The Parkview Field block of Jefferson has really transformed over the last several years. What was once referred to as “fast-food block” has been populated with a handful of food and beverage spots that have established themselves as Fort Wayne staples, and the latest addition has all the ingredients to join the pot.


Kevin Muhammad started Elijah’s Restaurant and Bakery with real hustle—we’re talking selling-baked-goods-on-street-corners hustle. And over the years, he’s more than proven himself to be a culinary virtuoso. One might also call him a renaissance man. Aside from being an entrepreneur, he bakes, cooks, experiments, develops and creates. He’ll even humbly admit to being a musician (if you press him).


As the mastermind behind Elijah’s, Kevin draws upon inspiration from North African, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cooking, but makes every dish his own, with flavors and spices that might surprise you (in a good way). His diverse menu really runs the gamut from Mediterranean pizza, to organic banana waffles, to wings with housemade Elijah’s sauce, to pan-seared salmon, to extensive vegetarian and vegan offerings.


During my most recent meal there, I asked him if he’d share more of his story.

Meet founder and head chef at Elijah’s Restaurant and Bakery, Kevin Muhammad!

Molly: Let’s start from the beginning. When did you develop your love for cooking—and when did you decide to make a career out of it?


Kevin: My love for cooking must have started in the early 1990’s, when I first began cooking for myself while off to college in Cincinnati. My parents rented an apartment for me off-campus my freshman year, and believe it or not, they would buy fresh steaks and fresh fish for me to cook. I thought I was pretty “grown up.”


I often experimented with different combinations of flavors and side dishes, and created my own style of preparation. I cooked for close friends, and they seemed to be amazed by my food. I flirted with the idea of going into the food service industry, and thought of how great it might be to have my own restaurant.


Although I developed a love for cooking, I never seriously thought of cooking professionally until much later. In 2012 I began producing desserts, selling them on street corners and at various events—that allowed me to build a faithful customer base, many of whom still eat at Elijah’s to this day. I developed a business plan in 2019, and opened in April 2020.


Molly: You originally opened out by Glenbrook. Now you’re on Jefferson in front of Parkview Field. Why was it important for you to move downtown?


Kevin: Downtown Fort Wayne is the seat of local government, which brings people together; but it’s also this vibrant, up-and-coming part of the city, with so many new and great energies. This epicenter is right where we need to be.


Molly: Makes sense. So, what can people expect when they come to Elijah’s?


Kevin: Patrons who come to Elijah’s can certainly expect an elite customer service experience in a relaxing, fine-dining environment. They’re going to enjoy amazing cuisine, packed with special flavors and made with love.


Molly: I can attest to that! Can you talk about your personal approach to food? What flavors, ingredients and cuisines do you gravitate toward?


Kevin: I refer to my cuisine as trans-Atlantic cuisine—it’s a mix of Northern African spices, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern inspirations, but made in my own special way.


As I traveled about the country in my 20s and 30s, I grew more familiar with various cuisines, particularly with spices and flavors from the Mediterranean, Middle East, and India. This definitely influenced and broadened my palate.


My personal approach is to provide the healthiest organic foods available, and to absolutely surprise and expand people’s palates with unexpected flavors and textures.


Molly: Well you do a great job of that. You’ve also talked to me about your weekly events with live performers and karaoke. Why is it important to you to incorporate music into Elijah’s?


Kevin: Being a music producer for many years, this has been a part of my vision for my restaurant from the very beginning. I wanted to provide a space for the talented people of our city. To allow patrons to take away great food, along with unforgettable experiences and magical memories. Guests can also reserve Elijah’s for their special occasions, like wedding receptions, birthday parties and business meetings.


Molly: How cool! Is there anything else you want people to know about Elijah’s?


Kevin: Yes! I would like readers to know that Elijah’s Restaurant and Bakery stands on the shoulders of my grandfather and restaurateur of nearly 30 years, the late great,  Elijah “Flute” McDonald, and we are carrying on our legendary family restaurant legacy.


Also, click on our events calendar to see the amazing events and live entertainment that we have lined up. It was an honor to share. We look forward to serving you soon.



Check out Elijah’s Restaurant and Bakery website to take a look at their menu and hours! Like them on Facebook to stay in the loop!


Elijah’s Restaurant and Bakery

301 W. Jefferson Blvd.

Fort Wayne, IN 46802


Molly Conner is a Fort Wayne native and freelance writer. Having lived in Downtown Fort Wayne throughout her twenties, she loves watching her stomping grounds grow. With her love of storytelling and community in tow, she’s eager to tell Downtown Fort Wayne’s story piece-by-piece—exploring the people, spaces, and organizations that make it thrive.