Jointly Sponsored App

The Downtown Improvement District’s mission is to advance Downtown Fort Wayne as the vibrant urban core of Northeast Indiana. We plan and support special events to promote the Downtown area; collaborating with organizations to promote the vitality of Downtown Fort Wayne.

2021 Jointly Sponsored Event Grant Application


Criteria for Sponsorship:


  1. Events shall be within or add value to the Downtown District, exceptions may be made for groups contiguous to the District.
  2. New and emerging events Downtown will be given priority for funding.
  3. Grant must follow all current Board of Health guidelines and be approved by the Board of Health, if necessary.
  4. Grants may be obtained for annual traditions or events that have broad popularity and attract a diverse audience if the funding is used to expand or improve the event or to reach new patrons.
  5. Event must be open to the public.
  6. Events that benefit Downtown businesses will be given higher priority.
  7. The applicant must cooperate with all rules and regulations including city permits, insurance requirements and law enforcement. (This includes but is not limited to Right of Way Signage)
  8. Event must be either all ages or clearly promoted as age restricted.
  9. Grant funds shall not be used to pay salaries.
  10. Grant funds shall not be used for political or religious events.

If approved, the sponsored organization may receive promotional support in our e-newsletter, social media and other resources in addition to our contribution. We can also offer advice for obtaining permits, security, site selection, and basic logistics.


The Downtown Improvement District reserves the right to withhold funding for non-compliance of the above criteria.


Approval Process:


Applications should be submitted no less than 60 days prior to the event. You will be notified upon approval or denial. If approved, half of the payment will be made in advance. The final half will be allocated upon receipt of the completed Final Grant Report.


A Final Grant Report shall be submitted within 60 days after completion of the project. Final Grant Reports must include documentation of the project, accounting of the use of grant funds and evidence of proper crediting of the Downtown Improvement District. Final payment will be sent upon receipt of the Final Grant Report.