DID/Protechs Inc. Partnership Testimonials:

1. Protechs Inc. in partnership through the DID are helping the great experience that is downtown Fort Wayne. In November of 2012 my building was tagged. I learned of the partnership with Protechs from the DID website and a short time later noticed the graffiti had been removed. I was pleased with the quick response time and the inability to see any damage to the brick or paint still on the building. No graffiti, just like it was before! It is the pride of building owners that partnerships like the DID and Protechs continue to make the downtown experience one to be enjoyed. Thank you Protechs for what you do for our community.
Shane, Eye Pix Photography
Eye•Pix Photography
1014 Ewing Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Ph. 260-422-1900

2. We would like to express our gratitude for the prompt removal of the graffiti from our building this summer. Kevin with Protechs Inc. was especially helpful explaining any future maintenance that may be needed while restoring the original colors to our brick building. When Greg Smith and Frank Howard developed the Graffiti Elimination program it was a huge benefit to all downtown merchants. Let’s all take pride in keeping our neighborhood clean, safe and bright for our valued customers and employees.
Respectfully submitted for any Downtown Improvement publications.
Jim Brockmann
A Party Apart
200 E Superior St
Ft Wayne In 46802
Check us out at:

3. Consider this email as a response to the DID/Protechs Graffiti Program. The Allen County Commissioners were thankful that this program was available for one of our downtown buildings. I had personally witness the cleaning procedure by Protech Inc. along with the staff from DID at two separate locations and found that their commitment in working together to eliminate the graffiti was greatly appreciated.
Daniel Freck
Allen County Buildings and Grounds Manager

4. Murphy & Associates has owned and operated office buildings in the downtown area since the late 60’s. In recent years we have had our share of graffiti and we certainly appreciate the tireless efforts of the DID/Protechs Inc. Graffiti Elimination Partnership. They have been extremely proactive in helping not only us but many other downtown property owners in the removal of unsightly graffiti.
Tim Rietdorf
VP, Murphy & Associates
111 East Wayne Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
(260) 969-1040

5. “Science Central received assistance from the DID/Protechs Inc. Graffiti Elimination Partnership during the 2012 Clinton Street closure. Our building was tagged with graffiti in two locations, and we were grateful for the quick service we received to eliminate it. By having someone available to provide assistance in removing the graffiti, we were able to focus on providing our visitors with hands-on science instead of worrying about graffiti removal.“
DID is permitted to utilize or quote this comment for promotion of the partnering organizations.
Chris Harris
Science Central
Visitor Services &
Volunteer Director
1950 N. Clinton St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
(260) 424-2400 ex. 411